2015 Toyota Tacoma Specifications

This model of Japanese’s luxury car first appeared in the 1995 at the car market. The first generation (1995-2004) of this model was belonged to the class of compact pickup. The changes that have occurred in the characteristics and in the design of the second generation (2005 to present) puts Tacoma in a class of mid-size vehicles. In his past Tacoma has been got award as the best truck of the 2005 by Motor Trend Magazine.

With the development of this model increases the number of units sold at the U.S. car market, and in the last three years follows constantly increase by about 10 percent by each season. The biggest sale had a transient model: in 2006 was sold in 178,351 units in America.

2015 Toyota Tacoma logo

The new 2015 Toyota Tacoma will be completely redesigned in both, exteriors and interiors, and also will have upgraded output characteristics, mainly due to new engine. This is the place where you can find out many things about this renewed model, with additional historical information and comparison with competitive models.

The news in regard to the Regular Cab is confirmed: this option will not be offered with the new model. The reason is mostly financial, unfulfilled expectations regarding the sale was hitchhiked its still producing. Given that next year Tacoma as model celebrates 20 years at the car market, we have no doubt that future generation will be suprise. Most of changes can be expected in the interior of the model, in terms of technical innovation, which we are using to make the ride more enjoyable and relaxed cruise on the routes. In that domain, 2015 Toyota Tacoma will offer the newest audio system, JBL premium sound, backup camera for easy driving and more.

2015 Toyota Tacoma interior

In the powertrain part should expect significant changes and more power, compared to the previous model. Output parameters improved fuel economy, and also the materials used to build the model. The concept will remain unchanged. It will be offered more types of engines, and according to unconfirmed information, there is a possibility that one of them will be hybrid.

2015 Toyota Tacoma: Price

Appearing 2015 Toyota Tacoma at the car market is expected in late summer of this year. So, August or September of 2014 is the time when the new model will come on the market. As far as the price for this model, it will be certainly higher than the predecessor. Depending on the trim level and engine which is built into the model, the price will move in the range of slightly more than $ 19,000 and will go to $ 34,000, as is currently the price for the best equipped previous model.

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